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Classic Server L2 Essence Assassin
Rates: Exp-X50 Sp-X50 Adena-X50 Drop-X1
PA rates: Exp-X75 Sp-X75 Adena-X75 Drop-X1.5
World Trade
Bonuses for transferring clans
Mobs champions 85+ - 300 L coins
Everything can be achieved through the game
Any profession can be taken without a quest
Max enchant: Weapon+16\Armor+10
Bonus for owning Giran Castle - 200 Coins of Luck per day
Bonus for owning Goddard Castle - 100 Coins of Luck per day
TVT auto-events - 5000 L coins for a win\500 L coins for a loss
Offtrade trading (activated by the .offline command when the character is selling)

Fight an army of enemies from all over the world and find allies